Merge and Auto Convert of leads into existing Accounts based on Rules : LeadPal

Merge and Auto Convert of leads into existing Accounts based on Rules : LeadPal

Leadpal in its latest release has an ability to auto convert of leads and define multiple rules to merge the converted lead into existing accounts.

For example:

If the lead has a personal email domain, like that of gmail, hotmail etc, then you would want the lead to checked against the dupe field of name of Account and the company name of Lead, and if its not a personal email domain then match the email domain in lead with the website domain in accounts. Earlier leadpal had an ability of matching with only 1 set of dupe match fields. Now you can have a set of 4 rules of dupe matching fields based on conditions.This feature is currently available only with auto convert of leads using batch process.

Another new feature introduced in the current version of leadpal is to have an additional criteria for lead conversion called contact match. If you are selecting contact match as an option of lead conversion criteria, then leadpal first checks all the leads to be converted for an contact match, if exists then it converts and merges it into the existing contact. Here the option triggering the conversion is if there is an existing contact then auto convert of leads is triggered.

FireShot Screen Capture #105 - 'salesforce_com - Developer Edition' - cmfl_ap1_visual_force_com_apex_Manage_custom_setting_sfdc_tabName=01r90000000SHc6

In addition to these two features, we are working on improving and adding new exciting features in the coming releases.

  • Scan and capture of business cards into leads in salesforce.
  • Create a lead in salesforce from a linkedin profile in a chrome browser.
  • Rules engine for duplicate match for contacts.
  • Rules engine for triggering an auto convert of leads.
  • Lead Intelligence : Capture more information about the lead from Linkedin and not just the company as it is currently.

Keep checking this blog for new releases and updates. If you like to have any new additional  features added into Leadpal, drop us an email at

You can take a free trial of leadpal here

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