Salesforce to Quickbooks integration options

Salesforce to Quickbooks integration options

If you are looking to integrate salesforce with Quickbooks, we have compiled a list of various options currently available for integrations. If you need help with integration contact us at

Boomi Atmosphere

The Boomi AtomSphere integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is 100 percent native cloud. It’s a shared-everything, multi-tenant platform that supports cloud-to-cloud, SaaS-to-SaaS, cloud-to-on-premises, on-premises-to-on-premises and B2B integration. Boomi AtomSphere supports real-time integration and elastically scales to meet high-volume needs in mobile, batch (ETL) and EDI environments. Easily accessed via a browser, it delivers an impressive range of integration, master data management (MDM) and platform extension capabilities.

Cost : $550/2000/4000/8000 / month

Pros :

  • Widely used, a large number of consultants are available
  • You control the whole integrations and not dependent on third party


  • Need highly skilled consultants to maintain
  • High annual costs

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Boomi Widget

The Boomi Widget for Salesforce and QuickBooks (“Widget”) is the easiest and quickest way to integrate your Salesforce data with QuickBooks. The Widget is a complete set of pre-built integration processes that does the following:-

  • Syncs Customer/Account master data along with Billing Contacts
  • Syncs newly won Opportunities from Salesforce to your choice of Invoice, Sales Order, or Sales Receipt in QuickBooks
  • Syncs QuickBooks Items to Salesforce Products (one-way)
  • Updates Inventory Item quantities in Salesforce (one-way, QuickBooks Desktop Widget only)
  • Syncs Invoices created in QuickBooks to Salesforce – Migrates historical Invoices from QuickBooks to Salesforce

Cons :

Its prebuilt with very little customizations. If you want to do some changes than what is offered in the widget you would need to get the Boomi Atmosphere

Works only on production, doesn’t support sandbox

Cost : $65/month for standard widget and $135/month for premium version which supports custom fields

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DBSync from Avankia

DBSync for Salesforce and QuickBooks provides easy synchronization for Accounts, Products, Opportunity Closed to Customer, Jobs, Products and Invoice, Estimate or Sales Order in QuickBooks.

  • Standard and Custom objects and fields can be mapped from
  • Integrate with Accounting, Databases, files and many more adapters
  • Easily integrate with credit card vendors and process credit card from within
  • Integrate with QuickBooks or other accounting packages using DBSync for and Accounting packages.
  • Connects any combination of on-demand and on-premise applications without software or appliances.
  • E-commerce orders/ account management to
  • Build, deploy and manage all of your integration processes on a single platform.


Supports Multiple Quickbook files

Cost :

Salesforce & QuickBooks single license starts from $795/year, full featured at $1495/year

Additional QuickBooks adapters for Multi-entity firms or Accounting firms starts from $495/year or call for volume pricing.

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Integration for Quickbooks (2014 and above) with Salesforce. A TWO WAY Sync for Customer info, Orders, Invoices, Payments, and more. Utilize Quickbooks Data in your saleforce CRM and sync Salesforce details into Quickbooks.

  • The ERP data is automatically mapped to Salesforce so you don’t have to program anything. ERP compatible with Quickbooks (2014 and above).
  • Configured and compatible with Quickbooks (2014 and above).
  • Add On Apps: Quickbooks (2014 and above), Create Opportunities and Quotes, Sales Order Entry, Customer creation, Opportunity Invoice tracking for Commissions…

Commercient’s Quickbooks Sync for Salesforce offers two way integration. It allows a syncing of Quickbooks customers to Salesforce automatically and doing the same for invoice, payment and sales orders back to Salesforce. Schedule syncing routines and data integration are both fully customizable.

Cost : $175/company/month

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InterWeave from InterWeave Smart Solutions

The Salesforce_Quickbooks Smart Solution is a complete pre-configured Integration Solution – you configure, test and deploy

This is a real-time, bi-directional solution between Salesforce and Quickbooks

Configurable Salesforce to QuickBooks integration. InterWeave Smart Solutions are ready – all processes, workflow, field mapping, pick lists, drop downs or custom fields. Models contain:

  •  SF Account/Contacts to Customer/Contact (Primary Contact) (bidirectional)
  •  SF Opportunities to Jobs, Sales Orders, Invoices, Sales Receipts, Estimates, Checks, Purchase Orders, Bills, Checks, and more. (bidirectional)
  • SF Products to QB Items (bidirectional)
  • QB History to SF

In addition

SF Cases to QB Customers or Invoices (bidirectional)

  • Multi-currency support
  • Multiple price books
  • Multiple company files
  • Bulk Load Feature
  • Credit Card and ACH Payment Gateway
  • eCommerce Gateway
  • Journal integration; customer, invoices, payments, etc.
  •  Scout Order Management /Inventory Integration
  • Connection, Error Management and Monitoring, Log Viewer
  • Automatic email or IM notification if error detected

New Offerings:

  • Database Gateway
  • Telephony Gateway
  • eMail Gateway
  • Customer Support (Zendesk)
  • Now with Advance Accounts Payable Features in Salesforce!

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Relational Junction for QuickBooks

Relational Junction for QuickBooks© is the integration solution for QuickBooks users

  • Create Invoices, Customers and Sales Orders in QuickBooks
  • Update changes in QuickBooks back to

Integration includes Products, Customers, Sales Orders, and Invoices. Selection criteria for new Customers and financial transactions can be defined according to your business practices. Changes in QuickBooks are reflected back to This solution is highly configurable using open source integration logic.


Cost : Contact company directly

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Integrations for QuickBooks by Workato

Workato is a powerful integration platform that lets you connect your applications in minutes – no IT or developers required. With a simple drag and drop interface. Here are some of the Salesforce – Quickbooks integrations available on Workato



Most of the recipes are free to use

Offers integrations with a lot of other solutions as well


Private recipes are not free

Cost : Free/$99/499/user/month

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Autofy from Propelware

Autofy for Salesforce integrates QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online (QBO) to Salesforce in just a few easy steps. Stop errors, wasted time, and hassle in their tracks. Start automatically syncing your important data on demand or on schedule, and save time!

  • Standard integrations for customers, items, sales orders, invoices, receipts and estimates
  • Ability to accommodate custom fields and custom objects
  • Easy setup, friendly support and expert help when you need it

Cost : $59/month or  $595/year ($495 nonprofit)

  • Robust Test Mode
  • Salesforce Opportunities go to QuickBooks Orders, Invoices, Estimates, or Receipts
  • QuickBooks Customers sync with Salesforce Accounts
  • QuickBooks Items sync with Salesforce Products
  • QuickBooks invoice details go to Salesforce Opportunities
  • Payments in QuickBooks update the open balance amount in Opportunities
  • Error notifications emailed to you
  • Syncs on demand or on scheudule

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SaaSOptics is the simple, cost effective way to safely track, manage, measure, subscription revenue performance, contract renewals, & performance objectives. SaaSOptics is a cloud-based financial management solution for emerging subscription B2B businesses. SaaSOptics brings financial maturity to emerging subscriptions business, with out-of-the-box integrations with QuickBooks and Salesforce.

Cost : starting at $2000/company/year

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BluSynergy: Invoicing, Payments, Recurring Billing, ERP Integration

INVOICE, accept PAYMENTS, automate SUBSCRIPTION BILLING, and view account BILLING HISTORY with seamless ERP/Accounting integration. Features include customer SELF-SERVICE portals, COMMISSION management, complex pricing models and automated communication.

  • Accounts Receivable control right inside Salesforce with integration into your ERP (Great Plains / Netsuite / QuickBooks)
  • Accept credit card and ACH payments inside Salesforce. All leading US payment processors supported.
  • Configure for either Subscription Billing or traditional invoicing

With eBill traditional invoicing, Salesforce users can create invoices, and invoices can also be periodically imported from your accounting/ERP system (such as Great Plains, NetSuite, QuickBooks, etc.) This EBPP solution enables you to send invoices, accept payments and view account history right from within Salesforce. It also features a self-service customer portal that can be embedded into your own website and Chatter notifications about account billing activity.

Pricing :

Starting at $0.5 USD per Invoice per month

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QXchange is a flexible data integration software. Leveraging the API, data interfaces with QuickBooks, Excel, SQL Server, Sage 50/500, Microsoft Dynamics AX and GP, ODBC, MySQL, Oracle Fusion CRM. Sold as an annual software subscription.

Extract and Load data out with many data sources and formats

Convert and Migrate data from old to new systems

Store data integration instructions and execute on a pre-defined schedule

QXchange is a flexible, easy to use, data integration software. It can quickly and easily transfer data between many standard data formats and applications, including MS Access, Excel, Comma delimited flat file, MS SQL Server, QuickBooks, Salesforce, and others.

It allows simple and clear setup of extraction, transformation and loading instructions to exchange data between different formats. The instructions are stored and managed as profiles. These stored profiles can be invoked and executed by the user or can be scheduled to run in batch mode using Windows scheduler.

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Appexchange :


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