Bridge gap between sales and marketing for ABM and lead conversion optimization


Provide insights for SDRs and inside sales teams into existing account, opportunities and activities to improve engagment with the customer View Demo

Provide Account manager insights into new leads and effect of inbound marketing efforts View Demo

Run campaigns targeted at an account

Display existing contacts and accounts related to lead so there is continuity in the
conversation/interaction with the lead. View Demo

360 Degree view to do account based marketing and closure on sales

Automated Lead Conversion with matching to existing contacts and accounts using our rules engine

Auto and Multi convert leads with a single click. Leads get converted automatically based on rules matching with existing contacts and accounts for duplicate reduction, View Demo 

Mass convert upto 85 leads in a single click

Efficiently Use Linkedin by connecting with Lead using info at your finger tips

Effectively use Linkedin and Google in conjunction with Leads

Import Linkedin Connections as Leads

Lead Conversion from mobile devices

Mass Lead Conversion of up to 85 Leads into Accounts and opportunities with a Single Click or or using UI to specify Account/Opportunity names.View Demo 

Do RoundRobin / Round Robin Lead assignment rules

Integrated with Marketo, Pardot, Act-on, Eloqua and Hubspot

Spam Blocking / Check for Web2Lead or Web 2 Lead Forms and Web2Case Forms with out adding data entry or Captcha View Demo