Communities360 for Channel Managment

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Deal Registration

Partners are able to do deal registration/other activities from a portal/mobile device with ease.

Deal Expiration

Expire deals based on the criteria set by your organization

Branded Mobile Application

Using Communities360 Partners/customers can access portal/communities through a branded mobile application.

PriceBook Sharing

Share your price book realtime with partners

Marketing Collateral Sharing

You can share marketing collateral that exists with partners. We integrate with Google docs, and DropBox

Mobile Alerts

Partner Onboarding

Out of Box Salesforce Integration

Customizable Partner Homepage

The days of relying on partners to spend hours upon hours looking for sales resources are over. The sales deal may be a minute away from being abandoned if a channel partner cannot access needed information right away. Communities360’s customizable partner homepage provides timely and relevant information at the partner’s fingertips. It helps partners stay focused and become more efficient.

  • Quick access – Enable your partners to find the information without going through layers of web pages.
  • Targeted material – Deliver appropriate contents based on the partner’s location and participating program.
  • Visual incentive – Help your partners staying on track with progress status and alerts.
  • Always engaged – Ensure they are in the know with announcement, live Facebook/Twitter/RSS feeds.
  • Higher operational efficiency – Empower your partners with CSV deal list upload capability.

Channel Manager Dashboards

It is not how much time one spends but what activities the time spent on that matters. Channel managers need to know where their effort provides the most ROI without spending lots of time figuring it out. Communities360’s channel manager dashboards give the managers the clarity and focus to grow their channel business.

  • Visual clarity – Always know the channel partner/geography performances with graphical analysis. Take out the guess work and drive actions to improve underperforming sectors.
  • Nothing left behind – Ensure no deals or opportunities fall through the crack due to the lack of attention.
  • What’s working – Learn which marketing material works and continue down the right path.

With Communities360, you and your channel partners will form a stronger partnership and enjoy greater business growth.

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